Monday, August 22, 2005

Why the Air America Story Matters

There’s been a bit of discussion surrounding the infamous “loan” to “Out of” Air America Radio of late and the most oft noted reason for the lack of MSM coverage is the radio network’s lack of audience (cleversponge wrote: Nobody listens to Air America. That's why it's not in the paper) and, therefore, relevance to the political dialogue.

Sorry, Cleversponge, you put forth a lousy argument.

Regardless of audience size, in OOAA we have a highly touted Liberal radio network that hit the air in 2004 with more fanfare than any PR flack could hope buy. This collection of would-be radio professionals – and some who actually have spent their lives in a radio studio – was the recipient of the biggest press orgy in years.

They powered up their transmitters with the Bush Administration clearly in the crosshairs and the arrogance of Al “Republicans always lie” Franken dripping from the speakers of anyone who could find them on the dial.

Since then there have been numerous articles written about the greatness of Al Franken and OOAA. Almost non-stop coverage of how OOAA is bringing the other side of the story to America. Finally, we have a balance for Rightwing talk radio. Unfortunately, we’ve not been told the whole story.

The poor finances of the network were almost overlooked. Certainly it was reported when the management and ownership changed, but any inquiries into the financial health were pushed aside or reported by so few news outlets one would have to believe all was well.

Now, a bit more than a year after the network’s launch, Franken is openly considering a run for the US Senate against Senator Norm Coleman and OOAA is under investigation for possible criminal activity.

Senator Rod Grams was targeted by the S&S in a series of very unflattering reports about the criminal activities of his adult son while he was running for reelection. If you remember right, the senator was never implicated in any wrongdoing, but the S&S saw fit to ignore that – until late in the article that is.

I want to know what Al Franken thinks about the scandal brewing around him employer – and I shouldn’t have to listen to his show to hear it.

Bottom line: This is a story, and, potentially, a big one. Eventually the S&S and SPPD will have to admit to that and report it.

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