Monday, September 19, 2005

Capitulation Sucks

A word of warning: I’m about to enter Howard Dean land.

I HATE “animal rights” activists and everything they stand for.

Why oh why can’t people stand up to the radical knob-heads from the “animal rights” movement?

Canceling a pig roast because the local because the local people-hating pricks don’t like the promotion flyer is insane and the reason given, "We decided it would be simpler to cancel it and serve cream teas instead" is nothing a copout.

Put up a fight Rev. Spineless. Don’t sit back and let a small group of people-hating SOBs change the way you live your life.

Did your friends at “Animal Rights” Cambridge make you feel guilty with the pap about Christ not condoning the killing and eating of animals?

Here’s new flash Rev.: Christ ate dead fish. In fact he started with 2 and multiplied them to feed the masses!

Roast your pig – hundreds of them – and use fans to blow the succulent scent across the countryside. I want to hear the sounds of “animal rights” activists coughing, gagging and puking when the smell Porky’s flesh being roasted to a golden brown reaches their hypersensitive noses.

I want them so overwhelmed by the scent of roasted pig that their systems shut down and their hearts explode in their chests.

I want to see their lifeless bodies with bulging eyes and bloated bellies lying about on the streets.

I want their corpses scraped from the streets and brought to fertilizer processing facilities where they can be turned into plant food and sold to Birkenstock-wearing vegans who rather sprinkle the remains of their comrades on their community gardens than eat a FREAKING PIG.

That said I'm traveling for work the rest of the week and may not be able to check in, but I'll do what I can.

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