Friday, September 30, 2005

Condescending Shitheads

I can’t believe this one came from the SPPP. It reads like the sewage made famous by the PHPs at the S&S.

That they are against the use of Indian nicknames is not a surprise, but what does get me is the way they simply dismiss the tribes that have, for years, been vocal supporters of they use of their tribal names.

The Seminole Indians of Florida support the use of the name by Florida State. The Illini of Illinois has told the NCAA to keep their hands off the UI mascot. And now the condescending pricks on the SPPP editorial board chime in with their worthless opinion that says, in part:

We were dismayed when the NCAA gave exemptions to the Florida State Seminoles, Central Michigan Chippewas and Utah Utes, primarily because the schools were able to convince local tribes to approve of their use of the mascots and names. In our view, that misses the point. [In other words, the tribes are too damned stupid to make up their own mind and are – like in the old days – being taken advantage of by the White Man]

Then there’s this lovely thought:

It doesn't matter if a logo and nickname are offensive to one tribal member or 1 million. The fact is they're offensive and they're wrong. [Hey, assholes, what if the nickname sn’t offensive to any tribal member? Would that change your tune?]

It is this exact kind of thinking – if even one person is offended than something needs to be done - that has brought about speech codes and diversity training.

Oh, eat me!

Grow a freaking spine prepare to be offended or to have your feelings hurt. If Darwin was right, the people who think like this cannot be long for this world.

Over time, stronger more resilient genes will kick the shit out of the hyper-offensible ones and the world will be right, again.

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