Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dear Nihilist,

I was heartened to see that KAR lost to JB Doubtless by only 2 votes in the Great Heavy Metal Controversy of '05. It was a hard fought battle in which we came up a little bit short.

Why do I use the word "heartened," you ask?

Well, in the face of JB's dismissiveness of my argumentation skilz (ie by calling me Johnny Cochraine, derisively labeling me "law talking guy"), and despite his squeaker of a win, I humiliated him.

Yes. Humiliated.

JB should have gotten all of the votes. Hell, I even voted for him. While his evidence was mighty thin - and his best was hearsay from an interested party - my best evidence was hearsay that was 15 years old. While it is well known that Bruce Dickenson was a staunch Thatcherite back in the day, Dave was right: people do change (though usually not to the left, but I digress.)

I should have gotten 0 votes.

Yet I held the lead in the poll until the Fraters (who have a vested interest in the outcome) pulled their dirty little trick - even going so far as to encourage people to vote like, well, Democrats ("early and often").

So much for JB's "law talking guy" slurs.

But we accept the result (especially since it probably is the correct one; though we still do not buy Wylde's assertion that Bruce was "banging on the troops". That's inconsistent with Bruce's character, and the statement seemed rather gratuitous). Bruce may have devolved into a lefty twit.

I still will not ever EVER listen to that crap JB loves so much. (Did you hear that he likes the Dixie Chicks? So much for ideological purity.)

We here at KAR are grateful that you provided us a means to retain our rightful slot at the top of NIGP's Top 11 Blogs list. We have already complied with your requirements, and look forward to our restoration atop your pestigious list.

But since I am a "law talking guy," I feel duty bound to tell you this. When you wrote the following...

Unlike JB, the Irish have posted decisive victories over the past two weeks and are therefore ascending to the coveted #1 spot. They will remain there either until the point of a Notre Dame gridiron loss or until V-Toed Bill changes his handle to "Nihilist Wannabee." constituted an offer to KAR to enter into a unilateral contract. Since the acceptance of a unilateral contract (which makes it legally binding) is achieved through performance by the putative offeree (us), and since we have fully performed in response to your offer; you are bound to return us to #1 of the Top 11 Blogs list. Notwithstanding anything that Chad the Elder may have said in the comment thread here.

Just sayin'.

Plus I'll buy you a beer, next time we meet up.

I look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship, in a very sincere and legally binding way.


The KAR Krew

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