Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Do the Math

Take one bunch of loosers losers, most of whom live in the 5th Congressional District, stalk a state senator who is running for congress in the Sixth CD, into the Seventh CD where she is participating in a (non-conressional campaign - related) forum. All the while, these Fifth district loosers losers constantly prattle on about how this state senator has recieved a lot of donations from outside her district, conveniently ignoring the fact that all candidates running for national office get some contributions from outside their districts. If you can read this, Eva just infringed another copyright.

Add this quote:

I told Janet that I don't go after Michele personally. Really, Eva. Are you so lazy that you can't come up with your own copy?
Subtract out the truth: (Herself, and by proxy (the "fun page" - which I will not link)

Multiply by her absurd, petulant, bizarre, and just plain wierd obsession with Mitch Berg.Fair use has it's limits, you know Eva.

And the result is still several orders of magnitude less than the smackdown "Blogger Berg" put on the loosers' sorry asses last week.

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