Thursday, September 15, 2005

Don't fall for it W

The President’s address to the country this evening is being touted, by some, as a make or break point for his presidency. All evidence points to the PHPs at the S&S setting him up for the kill.

One need only read today’s lead regurgitated monkey spleen to figure out what tomorrow’s will bring. The last paragraph is the big red flag:

Bush's statement was just such a service to the country. It will be important that he follow through, with maximum transparency, on identifying what went wrong and making the necessary corrections. His admission of federal, and personal, culpability was a fine start. It's what Americans expect from their president. We applaud him for it.

The hell you say. The PHPs at the S&S applauding W? This can’t last and certainly won’t.

Tomorrow’s lead regurgitated monkey spleen will reek like the normal bile-soaked, phlegm-encrusted, maggot-breeding crap we get whenever W is the target.

It will be something along the lines of:

“What we wanted the President to say”, or

“What the President should have said”, or

“President Bush fails to unite American because the whacked-out Lefty, Socialists – present company included – still hate him with every fiber of their being and continue to pretend that he was never elected in the first place and that Martin Sheen is the only real and true president”

I can’t wait. I’m picking up my hazardous material suit on the way home so I’m prepared when the regurgitated monkey spleen pours from my monitor in the morning.

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