Friday, September 23, 2005

Factor Followup: Gridiron Cred Week 2

In the Followup Segment today, we have the Foot v. Flash Quest for Gridiron Cred Week 2 picks. I jumped out to an early lead last week, and am looking to build the momentum. The Good Professor has chosen this week's games. His remarks are in italics.

But before I begin, here's a Pop Quiz: If I were at a sports book and had the entire board of games to choose from for betting, which 3 games would I avoid?

You pass the quiz if you answered "These 3 games":

1) New England @ Pittsburgh (-3). The Pats looked vulnerable last week against a tricky blitzing Panther defense, and Pittsburgh has both a good front seven and a new, slashing running back in Willie Parker. But Belichick is the only genius not recognized by a MacArthur grant, and you figure this has to be the game he gets New England's Patriot faithful down from the ledge. The game figures to be put in the hands of Ben Rothliesberger, because that's the guy Belichick will want to force into mistakes.

Yeesh. I'm glad I never had King Banaiaiaiaian for a class in college. I bet his exams are a bitch.

Are the Steeler's better this year than last? Dunno. Is New England in decline? Too early to tell. Will the defending champs start the season 1 and 2?

I doubt it. And the Pats get the points. So I'll take 'em.

Pick: Pats maybe to win, probably to cover.

2) NY Giants @ San Diego (-5.5). Numbers like 5.5 are weird in pro lines, and this is a weird game. The 2-0 Giants finally go on the road after their "road" game Monday night at Meadowlands against the Saints, where Eli Manning looked good. He faces an 0-2 team that made the playoffs last year after passing on him for rejuvenated Drew Brees. The Chargers are desperate for a win, but can't generate enough excitement to merit a line of six.

King is a GPA killer. How about a gentleman's 'C'?

No. There's beer on the line. I must persevere!

I'm going with the gut on this one. The Bolts are at home and desperate for a win. Tomlinson's been good thus far, but has yet to put up the obscene-type of numbers he did last year (Hey Drew? Remember how you passed to him a lot last year. And remember how those plays got you gobs of yards and TDs? That was great. What say we give that another try?)

LaDanian gets off this week in a big way.

Pick: Bolts cover.

3.) Cincinnati (-3) @ Chicago. The most interesting games this week are the interconference ones. Here we have Carson Palmer seeming to have made a step forward, and he faces a team with a quarterback that, before an injury his senior year, was considered to be on the same level. The Bears will be considered for real if they win this game; a Bengal win means Pittsburgh has some serious competition.

This is a really interesting game. You've got a home dog coming off a big win against a division rival. Add to that the fact that -

[Obnoxious Packer Guy elbows his way in:]

Bears suck Bears suck Bears suck Bears suck Bears suck BearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuck-BearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuck-BearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuckBearssuck!!!!!

Tee he he he he!!

[Obnoxious Packer Guy leaps out of the picture]

OK. I'll go with OPG on this one. The Bears haven't seen a real offense yet this year. This week they do.

Pick: Bears suck. Bengals cover.


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