Friday, September 09, 2005

Gridiron Cred

Back in March (I don't feel like tracking the posts down, just check the archives), Flash and I engaged in a series of friendly bets regarding certain outcomes of some of the games in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Flash barely edged me out, winning a beer off of me (which I still haven't given him).

While March Madness is nirvana for sports bettors, it only lasts one month.

The NFL season lasts four months. [Insert Homer-style drool here]

Starting next week, Flash and I will commence our battle for Gridiron Cred. Each Wednesday, the Good Professor (who graciously answered the call to moderate this) will post three games of his choosing from the immediate Sunday / Monday slate along with their point spreads. Flash and I will post our picks (against the spread), analysis and smack-talk by Friday evening. We will keep a running tally of correct picks throughout the season.

Since friendly wagering is illegal in Minnesota (along with many, many other things), there will be no consideration involved. Instead the "loser" of this "contest" will be so "moved" by his admiration of the "winner," that he will feel "compelled" to purchase a number of "beers" equal to the "winner's" margin of "victory".

For example: if I pick 40 games correctly, and Flash only gets 5 right, then Flash - as a symbol of his respect for my prognosticating prowess - would feel duty-bound to buy me 35 beers.

We may have to tweak the rules as we go along, but we'll go with this for now.

As an added entertainment bonus, Mr. Sponge will be in the press booth, acting as the "color man", to heckle us in the first-person plural.

Bill will of course fabricate a slick graphic to provide the illusion of professionalism.

Game on!

UPDATE: Heh. I just realized that the three of us all have cool bookmaker names a la Jimmy "the Greek": "The Anoka Flash," Learned "The Foot," and King "the Banaian".

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