Friday, September 09, 2005

Holy Fatuousness Buttman!

The Ryan RhodesSignal has been dispatched (that would be a silhouette of buttcheeks projected by a high-intensity beam of light onto the moon).

You have been called to duty, sir.


Several hours later...

Irish Cop Guy: [brogue] Thanks to you Buttman, the Twin Gotham Cities are once again safe from the diabolical and puerile ravings of The Nonmonkey! [/brogue]

Commissioner Gordon: Yes. But for how long?...

The scene cuts away to a dingy office. We see the rear of a computer monitor with the top of a bald head just visible above it. The sounds of keys furiously clicking are punctuated with several nasally grunts. Fade to black as the ominous music swells. On screen:

The End?

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