Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How to End Terrorism

This moron is on to something. Now, if W would push through a bill mandating all Americans immedately convert to Islam, we will "have peace in our time:

See, diplomacy works
With the North Korean nuclear weapons agreement, it appears the Bush administration has learned that carrots make a useful supplement to a diplomatic diet of sticks.

If it imparts that lesson to John Bolton, we might even see positive reform at the United Nations.
Paul Oman, Brooklyn Center.

Dear Paul, you are a freaking idiot if you actually trust the Commie Bastards of North Korea to stick to any deal. If look close at the pictures of them, you'll see their fingers are crossed.

Please tell me you are really not that stupid. Please tell me you've been rendered temporarily insane by the Vikings' slow pathetic play.

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