Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's midnight and I'm having dinner

I ain't got spell check going so forgive me my misspellings.

Actually, it's my second meal of the day...if you count the dry cereal I had on the plane this morning.

Man, what a long-ass day this has been.

I have another "animal rights" post in me, but am lacking the time and energy necessary to do it justice. Let me simply link you to the story here.

All I can say is, what a bunch of petulent lefty brats. Who the hell are they to think their entitled to walk their mangy mutts on the SPA grounds? F-you, you lousy Chris Coleman voters.

Neither you, nor anybody else, have the right to have your canine shit on the SPA lawn. here's an idea, why don't you use one of the many city funded parks?

On the other hand, there is you wonderfully mature reaction: A web site, neighborhood meetings and a threat to bring in the City Council to make it impossible for students to park in the area.

Typical Lefy move: If can't have what I want, I'm going to use the government to make your life more difficult.

F&*% each an every one of you. I hope your pea-brained dogs shit all over your Oriental rugs and turn you homes into disaster areas.

Goodbye for now from hot and steamy Orlando.

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