Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina makes a statement

I’m not going to waste my time commenting on the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who proved himself a bigger embarrassment than his Uncle Ted. He’s a wacko and everybody knows it.

Nor will waste any more effort on the idiots who write to the local papers blaming the devastation and aftermath on President Bush. Their minds have been so warped by hatred they have ceased to function as normal human beings.

Today’s post is devoted to explaining why there is one good thing amidst the evil Katrina heaped on this country.

Katrina has proven, once and for all, that the United States of America is, far and away, the best damned country on the face of this earth.

When a tsunami hits Indonesia, what country is first to respond with money, supplies and military personnel?

When areas of Taliban-run Afghanistan are leveled by earthquakes, what country is first to respond with money, supplies and military personnel?

Government, private or otherwise, it just doesn’t matter. The United States of America, regardless of what the pricks at the United Nations say, is the first to respond to any disaster.

So now, here we are with a natural disaster rivaling any other that’s come along in the last 40 years and I ask where the rest of the world is?

Where is the UN needle-dick who criticized the US aid to tsunami victims?

Where is Kofi Annan?

Are our allies sending ships to the Gulf of Mexico, are they sending cargo planes loaded with food and clothing?

Where are the doctors and relief workers from Europe, Asia, South America?

What Katrina has illustrated, more than anything else, is other countries can barely take care of themselves, let alone lend a hand when the United States of America in need.

Most of the countries in this world would crumble and die if a disaster of this magnitude hit them. They should count themselves lucky that we – the US – are willing to help.

The message to the one-world-government types is simply this: When you are the biggest, the strongest, and the best, you get to call the shots. Oh, sure, it makes sense to let others voice their opinion, but the biggest, strongest, and best gets to make the final decision.

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