Monday, September 12, 2005

Moron Mail

I probably shouldn't have checked the letters to the Strib today, so soon after the Packers' offense resembled a free-form jazz ensemble (everybody doing their own thing, never in synch, which results in a product that causes a severe migraine), and the highlight of my afternoon was having a sick 10-month old repeatedly barf on me.

I should have gone with that instinct:

Isn't it ironic that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged to veto the California Legislature's bill allowing same-sex marriage on the basis that the issue is one that should be decided by the courts, not the Legislature (Star Tribune, Sept. 8)?

All that we've heard from opponents of same-sex marriage for the past couple of years is that "activist judges" must be prohibited from legislating in this arena. Yet when a Legislature boldly acts to further civil rights, it suddenly becomes a judicial concern. [Whoa! We've gotten through 2 whole paragraphs of yet another pro-same-sex marriage diatribe without anyone being called a bigot! What's going on here? -ed]

This simply proves what we've known all along: The campaign against same-sex marriage is not about "activist judges," it is about fear, hatred and discrimination. [Ah-ha! -ed.]

Br@d B3t1@ch, Minneapolis.

You heard it here first, KARNation! There are actually people out there that have no use for tri-partite government. There are actually people out there that want to live in some sort of judicial oligarchy. Or perhaps Brad has no problem with Califorinia's legislature, and just would rather scrap the whole checks and balances thing.

As long as the legislature does something he likes. Otherwise, we should shitcan them too.

Government of the star chamber, by the star chamber and for the insular special interests shall hopefully perish from the earth soon.

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