Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Moron Mail

Well, since nobody has found these brilliant posts worthy of a link, I figured that today I'd go for a slam-dunk-sure-link from this guy by beating on a smoking ban bobo:

I saw the parade of hospitality workers protesting the Hennepin County smoking ban outside of the Hennepin County Government Center last week. They were alerting us to the costs in revenue to businesses.

But what about the costs in human life from secondhand smoke?

Yes. What of the costs in human life to secondhand smoke, Tom? You have any evidence of actual (not hypothetical) causation? (Oh, and Bob - if you're reading this - spare me the same "evidence" that you have pooped all over other people's blogs. I've seen it, and it demonstrates no causal link between secondhand smoke and death.)

How about the cost in terms of health care costs to the children and the elderly from being around the smoke in restaurants?

If these children and these elderly are in bars often enough to generate more than mild bad breath, I really think they may have worse problems to worry about than secondhand smoke.

Let's talk about the rise in asthma and lung cancer, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Yes let's. Establishments that allow smoking indoors have been around for hundreds of years. Their numbers are dwindling due to these stupid laws you people love so much, as well as self-imposed restrictions. The number of smokers has also been decreasing steadily for almost a half-century.

So did it ever occur to you that maybe this "rise" in asthma, lung cancer and other nasty things may be being caused by something OTHER THAN AMBIENT SMOKE?

When the studies come out about the air quality increasing 98 percent since the ban, all we hear about are the economic costs.

Only 98 per cent? Shouldn't it be 100 per cent? I guess all those smoking ban nitwits who promised to patronize all these bars after the ban was instituted are a flatulent bunch.

Let's hear more about the lives saved and the decrease in health-related illness since the ban started.

And when you provide us evidence of a single "life" saved - let me reiterate: REAL actual evidence (again Bob: the "facts" you offer are not evidence of a causal link), perhaps then you may hear about it.

T0m H0lm3s, Champlin.

Enough of these idiots. To them property rights are the bastard child of our constitutional liberties.

Oh no no no! Don't go anywhere near that super super dooper precedent. That would be a fascist invasion of a woman's right to well-after-the-fact birth control!

Take away that guy's livelihood, because I may want to have a beer there some day? Eh. I see no problem with that.

Time to deport these people to Cuba.

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