Friday, September 23, 2005

The Most Rediculous (sic) Item of the Day

And now for the most rediculous (sic) item of the day. Once again Obsessive Stalker Looser (sic) exposes her surreal obsession with - not Michele Bachmann - but a local blogger. Ms. Looser (sic) writes:

This is rather curious. This comment looks like Mitch Berg's writing style. However blog buddies of Mitch - the Kool Aid Report people especially - are known for impersonating others in comments. If this really is Mitch Berg posting as "globber berg" over here, it raises an interesting question. Why is it in Mitch Berg's best interest that Minnesota Democrat Exposer's identity remain secret? Does this mean that Mitch Berg is participating in MDE's little web of deceit? I can look this up in the IPs to make a comparison, but it might be worth while to stop over at Whine in the Dark and ask Berg whether this was him - and whether Globber Berg is his new preferred moniker.

First of all, not everybody *knows* that us KARnies are impersonating other people in our comment threads. Everybody can't *know* that because it simply isn't true. There are other frequent KAR commenters who do impersonate OLS, among others, but it isn't a KAR contributor who is writing them. And for the record, KAR has the best stable of regular commenters in the 'sphere. Witty, uproariously funny, and wholly devoid of any serious discourse. Copyrights aren't just a good idea - they're the law!

What evidence does Ms. Looser have of any KARnie faking a comment anyway? Oh sure she can stamp her feet and beat her chest demanding IP addresses (as always). But she hasn't gotten any from me. It would be interesting to know if Ms. Looser is hacking into KAR's haloscan account... Fair use is running out quickly Eva...

Second, what is so "deceitful" about anything MDE has done? He seems to have a pretty good record of beating just about everybody to the story. No deceit there Ms. Looser; just your red-faced, and green-eyed jealousy. Ever notice how Eva's blogs have so little original content? I think it's because of an utter lack of intellectual firepower.

But speaking of a web of jealousy, Ms. Looser continues:

Berg had a total melt down about me and my other blog, Dump Bachmann last week.

Excuse me for noticing, but someone like Ms. Looser, who constantly exhibits unhealthy obsessions and an unstable personality, really isn't in the best position to be reporting on someone else's "meltdowns". Eva - stop appropriating my work!

Speaking of meldowns, Ms. Looser appears to be undergoing an ethical one:

Speaking of MDE, I believe that Michael Brodkorb, the person running the group Citizens for St Paul's future is Minnesota Democrats Exposer (MDE). I also suspect Michael Brodkorb was behind this political subterfuge.

Now c'mon Ms. Looser! You are guessing. Wildly. You are using an incident involving an anonymous poster to a discussion board to identify an anonymous proprietor of a political blog? C'moooooooon. Eva's butt is stinky.

With all due respect the spite I can muster, Ms. Looser, that's just plain irresponsible. To name someone to be MDE - a person who has been subjected to threats of violence - without any substantive evidence whatsoever is not only irresponsible, it borders on defamation. Off your meds today Eva?

[Looking incredulous into the camera] What is Ms. Looser's problem? Does she need attention? Does she suffer from such a self-esteem deficit that she reaps some sort of psychic benefit from tearing others down? Really, Eva you need to get a life, if all said "life" amounts to cutting and pasting from other blogs without even reading what you are pasting into your blog...

I think that she's jealous that she gets but a fraction of KAR's traffic, and that Mitch Berg gets more traffic in a day than she gets in a week. This is the biggest truth unveiled today. Eva is a traffic whore. And a big fat copyright ignorer.

Jealousy over blog traffic...

Now that truly is...rediculous.

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