Friday, September 09, 2005

Name That Bill

V-Toed-Bill hates his handle. And who can blame him?

Anyhoo, Bill asked me to put up a little post to solicit suggestions from you, the reader / troll / guy who keeps hitting the "Next Blog" button to paste your crappy spam into everybody's comment threads, to suggest a new nickname.

His suggestion that I, and not he, write this post prompted me to offer "The Atomizer of KAR" for his new name, but Bill was not on board with that one. He also rejected my other idea: "Big_Turd".

Please submit your ideas for Bill's new nick in the comment thread or via e-mail to koolaidreport at yahoo dot com. When we get enough, we'll do a poll.

"Big_Turd". Heh. I like that.

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