Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No wonder Kofi’s been out of sight

Kofi finally breaks his silence, sorta. It looks like he has a Katrina of his own to deal with thanks to the work of Paul Volker.

So, how did Kofi respond to the report:

"The findings of today's report must be deeply embarrassing to all of us," Annan told the Security Council Wednesday. "None of us — member states, secretariat … can be proud of what it has found. Who among us can now claim that U.N. management is not a problem or is not in need of reform?"

Let’s translate this shall we:

“Volker has really put my ass in a sling, but I’m not going down alone,” Annan told the Security Council Wednesday. “Every one of us should be ashamed that we let Bush set in motion the events that uncovered our little scheme. Can we all agree that now is the time to hightail it out of here? I’m going home to pack.”

The little prick will probably survive until the end of his term, but the US is going to have a lot of sway when it comes to picking a new Secretary General.

I nominate John Bolton.

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