Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Senators' Feelings Hurt By Local Blog

Apparently Sens. Biden, Leahy and Kennedy were so upset with KAR's merciless thrashing of them yesterday, that they all stayed in bed this morning (scroll down to (9:33 am entry; memo to MSNBC: if you're going to do a "blog", would it kill you to put permalinks on the thing?).

Oh yes, I bet they do read us. Don't think I haven't noticed that "senate(dot)gov" domain popping up on my site meter from time to time. I can imagine them all crowded around a computer reading our bile-drenched assaults yesterday:

BIDEN: That blog is misleading! All the posts are misleading!

LEAHY: F**k those guys!

KENNEDY: I, er, I, ah, need a, er, drink!

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