Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Recently, a lefty blog that I rarely read (and actually, I should read it even more rarely) that shall remain nameless (let's just say that it's chock-full of Scandinavian inanity) exhorted people of like "mind" to vote against Randy Kelly - a Democrat - in the St. Paul mayoral primary.


Because of a soaring crime rate in St. Paul?


Because Kelly mismanaged the city treasury causing a decline in St. Paul's bond rating?


Corrupt police force?


Taking bribes?


Businesses leaving the city resulting in higher unemployment?


And as far as I know, none of those things have even happened in St. Paul under Kelly's leadership.

The reason all the good sheep should vote against Randy Kelly (and not for someone else, mind you) is to send a "f**k you" message to Kelly for endorsing George Bush in the last election.

Now keep in mind: Kelly didn't want to endorse anyone for president. He was actually being a good little DFL patsy by obeying that party's golden rule: "If you can't say anything nasty about a Republican, don't say anything at all." But the DFL Gestapo kept pestering him to make his endorsement, assuming it would be for Kerry. Finally Kelly relented, his endorsement wasn't for Kerry, and all the sheep not only in St. Paul, but around the state, bleated forth their derision.

And the sheep voted accordingly yesterday.

In Sheepland, your job performance, character and conscience don't matter nearly as much as faithfully towing the party line.

Even if that line is tied at one end to your neck, and at the other, to an anchor.

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