Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Smoking Ban Update

Posted at the S&S web site:

Air pollution from second-hand smoke dropped by 99 percent in a sampling of bars and restaurants in Hennepin County within three months of launching its smoking ban March 31, according to a study commissioned by the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco.

Three points:
  1. Why only 99%? If smoking is banned, why did they find anything at all? Perhaps they are building a case for their next move; Banning Smokers from bars and restaurants.
  2. If I owned one of the bars these yahoos tested, I would have tossed them out on their collective asses.
  3. They neglected to report that, during the same period, revenues and profits at the bars and restaurants surveyed dropped almost as much as the second hand smoke.
  4. Anti-smoking zealots who now go to the bars and restaurants eat salads, drink water and leave tips averaging 3% of the bill.

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