Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Squatter gets the boot

The Apple Valley High squatter has been ordered to leave the country. Now, if they can track down his old man and do the same, all will be well.

There is, however, a tremendous irony to this whole proceeding. While his attorney was planning to follow an appeal, Francisco Javier said, "It's not what I expected -- I'm dejected," he said this morning. "I just want to go to college, have a career and go back to my country (emphasis mine) ... for sure, I'm going to pray."

So what’s the problem? Seems to me the judge rearranged the priorities a bit and made it so you can jump directly to number three, “go back to my country.”

Granted, you won’t get the government subsidized college education or the benefit of affirmative action to secure a spot in school or a job, but at least you’ll be home.

Let’s start a Karnie fund to send Francisco home. I’ll kick in the first $5.

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