Tuesday, September 13, 2005

You'll Get No Lovin' if You Show the Top o' the Muffin

FROM THE KAR FASHION DESK. While the blogosphere has been flogging such important stories as the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, the war in Iraq, and the Roberts confirmation, a graver threat to the republic has managed to to fly under the radar.

I am talking about the latest "trend" in women's fashion: the muffin-top. Go read, but prepare to be disgusted.

If the proliferation of thong panties represented the high-water mark of female fashion in the last century, then the muffin-top truly portends the crash of western civilization.

It's one thing to be comfortable with your body and play the hand that God (or your diet) dealt you. It is quite another to flaunt a repulsive roll of blubber that nobody should be forced to observe.

Ladies - and you know who you are - I am not asking for modesty here. This transcends modesty. I am merely asking for just a little taste. You wouldn't like it if certain men paraded around in public looking like this, would you? Please return the favor, and set an example for others.

We should all look forward to the day when the muffin-top is relegated to the ash heap of fashion history, taking its rightful place next to the plumber's crack and wide lapels.

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