Friday, October 14, 2005

Go away John F-ing Kerry

The loser in last year’s presidential election is spewing his garbage again:

Sen. John Kerry said Thursday that a ballot initiative on union dues backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could end up depriving working people of having a say in politics.

Proposition 75 would require public employee unions to seek written permission from members before using dues for political purposes.

Hold the phone just a second still-Senator Kerry. What is unfair about requiring a union to get a member’s permission to use their dues in a political way that the member doesn’t agree with?

Seems to me you are coming down in favor of Big Unions instead of the little guy members.

My ability to work in my chosen field may require me to join a union, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be forced to support that union’s political agenda with my hard-earned money.

No one is keeping unions from supporting campaigns with cash; they just have to get permission to use their members’ money.

And the fact that your conspiracy theory about why this proposition exists puts you firmly in the Howard “The Duck” Dean camp is more than a little disturbing:

The proposal "represents part of an ongoing effort by the Republican Party to create an unfair playing field, to change the balance of democracy in America," the former Democratic presidential nominee said. "They want a one-sided argument - their side."

Get out from under the black helicopter John, the noise is melting what’s left of your brain. You’ll need it to in 2008.

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