Thursday, October 20, 2005

Guns a blazin’

A bold statement to be sure, but one I believe is true. I found the following printed in today’s SPPP and decided it needed to be shared in its entirety.

Take a deep breath and start reading:

Get guns out of minors' hands

Joseph P. DeSua described how "refreshing" it was to watch a young boy display his new gun in a church parking lot in his Oct. 12 letter, "Gun didn't hinder church experience."

He offered this in contrast to the churches who are opposing the conceal-and-carry law. I wonder what he would have thought if that young boy had been Matthew Niedere, whose alleged shooting of his parents with his own handgun was on the front page of the paper the day DeSua's letter was published.

I am sick of the tired arguments of NRA members against gun control. We need to get guns out of our society, not rejoice in their further distribution to minors.

St. Paul

No, Bob Webster of St. Paul, we need to get freedom-hating freaks like you out of our society.

(I’ve got a horrible head cold an am in no mood to suffer such stupidity.)

Bob Webster of St. Paul seems t have forgotten about the second amendment: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

I realize it’s awfully inconvenient to anti-gun Leftists like Bob Webster of St. Paul that the writers of this great document trusted the people to “keep and bear arms”, but that is the case and Bob Webster of St. Paul will simply have to get used to it.

I can’t wait to see how Bob Webster of St. Paul reacts to the news today of the passage of the law protecting gun manufacturers from law suits.

Do you suppose he’ll shoot himself because there’s no hope left?

Speaking of the AP article; I’m amazed that these pricks can’t figure out why people find their reporting biased. To wit, I submit the following two passages from the above-linked piece:

Opponents, waging a tough battle against growing public support for the legislation, called it proof of the gun lobby's power over the Republican-controlled Congress. [Can any of you imagine the AP writing about the “Pro-Choice lobby’s power over the Democrats in Congress?” I sure as hell can’t.]
Then there are these two:
The bill's passage was the NRA's top legislative priority and would give Bush and his Republican allies on Capitol Hill a rare victory at a time when some top GOP leaders are under indictment or investigation.
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, did not vote. He is in Texas in connection with his indictment in an alleged scheme to violate state election law.

What does either one of these have to do with the story? Not a Goddamned thing. Yet the AP editors allow such crap to be included.

Who give a flying crap that Tom DeLay didn’t vote?

How about this: “Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, didn’t vote because he was suffering from an incredible hangover after spending the previous evening boozing with his lecherous nephews, including William Kennedy Smith. Smith is famous for standing trial for the alleged rape of a young, innocent lady during an Easter weekend several years ago. Ted Kennedy is best known for leaving a young woman to die when the car in which he was riding, and most likely driving, left the road and landed top down in a creek. Both dirt bags beat the wrap.”

No bias there.

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