Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm Not Saying That Liberalism is a Mental Illness...

...just that a lot of lefties seem to be mentally ill:


While there are the obvious examples of certain publicity obsessed bloggers, or media whores who who anxiously await some arbitrary number of war casualties so that they can perform dull-witted publicity stunts, they're too obvious to merit mentioning.

But I will point to the sheer numbers of morons who are so in love with themselves, that they google their own names only to be shocked - SHOCKED - to learn that there is actually somebody out here in the world that thinks that the imbecilic drivel they managed to get printed in the local paper is complete twaddle.


People who once distrusted the CIA and hated everything it stands for are suddenly indignant that a clandestine officer's name was leaked.


Becoming uncontrollably sexually aroused by something that is decidedly non-erotic. Like grand jury proceedings.

Pathological Lying

NOTE TO MOONBATS: Here I am applying the "dictionary" or "actual" definition of the word lie. Not the made up one you people like to use.

Many examples to choose from, but the most contemporary would have to be Gorgeous George Galloway.

Short Man Syndrome

The diminutive yet twerpy Al Franken even pretending he could beat up anybody over the age of 18 months.



Delusional Thinking / Hallucinations

Howard Dean: "The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is 'okay' to have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel where your house is"

If Dean thinks John Paul Stevens is on the right wing of the Court, then I am Daily Kos. With unicorns shooting out my nostrils.


Halliburton. Definitely Halliburton. Scooter! Ten minutes to indictments. Bush blew the levees. Definitely Bush. And Halliburton. Definitely Halliburton. I farted.


Well, there is this wonderful example of moonbat stalking still fresh in our memories. But for Flash's edification, I also offer this anecdotal evidence, which I wrote some time ago that also tends to prove that the rotten eggs came before the "chicken". If he'll get off his high horse to read it.

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