Monday, October 10, 2005

Iron Maiden Can Teach Us a Lot About Poker

Aces high! - Iron Maiden

The proverbial "good time was had by all" at the Ante Up for Chelsea Hold 'em Tournament on Saturday. Joining the fetching Mrs. Foot and I at the "hitter table" were an obviously sandbagging Mitch Berg ("I don't know how to play" my butt), Captain Ed (who live blogged the event here - note that he inadvertently reveals my real name), and Uncle Ben (a man who is as white as his name indicates). Oh, and Sandy played briefly (very briefly).

I have sent a letter to the National Texas Hold 'em Governing Body requesting a rule amendment, pursuant to a loophole I have just recently become aware of.

Hypothetically, let's say there is a player - we'll call him "Rich Merg" - who keeps raising the pot until another player at the table - we'll call him "Learned Hand" - is compelled to go all in pursuant to the high straight he is holding. Once the river card is revealed, and it's time for everybody to show their cards, Rich Merg proclaims that he has "a pair of Jacks." Elated, Mr. Hand shows his straight to the ace and begins raking in the pot. After a few moments, the dealer recognizes that while Mr. Merg does indeed have a pair of jacks, the river card also gave him a flush. Edified, Rich Merg takes the pot away from poor Mr. Hand (who knew exactly what quality of hand he was holding), forcing him from the game. Mr Merg then goes on to beat the crap out of a 12 year-old in the semifinals, presumably making her cry.

I say, if all a player sees is a pair of jacks when he's holding a flush - especially when four of the five flush cards are in the community - then he deserves to lose the pot.

I suppose I can let it slide this time, since there was free beer. Hypothetically, of course.

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