Monday, October 24, 2005

Iron Maiden Can Teach Us A Lot About the Star Tribune's Consistency

Have you ever talked to someone
And you feel you know what's coming next?
It feels pre-arranged.

'Cause you know you've heard it before.

-Iron Maiden.

It's comforting to know that despite the much ballyhooed overhall of the Strib's design, the content remains largely unchanged.

To prove their bona fides in this respect, the editors of the opinion pages pitched a shutout today. To wit:

* The institutional voice editorial was devoted to endorsements of candidates for the Minneapolis city council in wards 1 through 5. The High Priests of Portland Ave. picked all DFLers save for 1 Greenie. Not that there's much of a choice in Minneapolis politics.

* Of the 10 letters published today, 8 were prime examples of fire-breathing lefty moonbatism, 1 was an endorsement of a DFL candidate for the Park Board, and only one can be characterized as crossing ideological lines (public funding for a Twins stadium).

* Of the three "Opinion Exchange" items, one can be characterized as politically neutral, while the other 2 are way left of center (yet another "we gotta keep 'em on the plantation" attack on school vouchers, and yet another "we gotta keep 'em on the plantation, rich get richer, poor get poorer" babble about a supposedly shrinking public trough).

If antitrust laws allowed for a cause of action for restraint on the marketplace of ideas, I'd be running to the courthouse.

But again, I like the Strib just the way it is: a rich source of material.

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