Thursday, October 06, 2005

Misguided and Missing the Point

Why can’t these idiots understand the simple point that property rights, not health, are at the core of the anti-antismoking proponents.

Sorry Laura Bauer of White Bear Lake, but you are one of the many who simply can’t get past your myopic view in which you can see only you and your desires to mold society into “Laura Bauer’s World”.

The issue isn’t now, and never was, about health. You need to get it through your thick anti-smoking-zealot skull that the issue is about allowing owners of private property to determine whether smoking should be allowed in their establishments. For the love of God, what will it take for you to shake the rocks from your head and see this issue for what it is?

What’s next, Laura, should restaurants be barred from serving fried foods because deep fryers make your clothes smell and because fried foods are not the healthiest of options? Or are you part of the crowd that believes government should require restaurants to have “healthy alternatives” on their menu? How about forcing every eating establishment to balance their menu with items specifically for vegetarians, vegans and others?

It never ends, my dear misguided Laura. After you succeed in running all the smokers underground, you will turn your focus to those of us who thrive on the charred flesh of animals – primarily cows in my case.

What’s your vice, Laura? What is it you enjoy that will one day be the focus of the social engineers?

I bet you enjoy Twinkies and Ho-Hos. Or maybe you’re a slave to really good chocolate or ice cream.

Make no mistake, my cement-headed friend, they will come after you when the time is right. That time may not come until you and your freedom hating friends are able to push through socialized medicine, but come it will because, you see, when the taxpayers are paying for your healthcare, the government will have a vested interest in keeping you healthy.

And the government has but one way to get what it wants: Force.

Enjoy what your sowing now, Laura, because one day the reaper will come for you.

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