Friday, October 14, 2005

More Proof that Bush is Hitler

More proof that W. has aspirations to be the next Hitler was offered in today’s SPPP Letters to the Editor.

I think Mr. Robert Scarlett of Lino Lakes is on to something. (As an aside, I can’t confirm that Robert is incarcerated at the Lino Lakes prision – but all the evidence points to it –which I’ll explain a little later.)

Ya see Robert is so freaking smart he scoured the history books – or Googled “Nazi Iron Fist” – to find the most obscure connection possible between Hitler and W. He even threw in the German translation for effect.

I was so intrigued by Robert’s connection, on a hunch I Googled “Nazi Ass Kicking” last night (this was the original name of what became Iron Fist) and found several hundred references. Naturally, most of the entries dealt with the Nazi surrender in May of 1945, but there was one reference to an operation unleashed on the unsuspecting German civilians during the winter of 1944-45.

Translated into German – Betrieb Esel Tretendes – the plan was to hunt down, round up and eliminate morons like Robert Scarlett of Lino Lakes who have the intellect of a common house plant and nothing better to do.

And therein lays the proof that Robert Scarlett of Lino Lakes is living in the Lino Lakes prison. Anyone who has the time to strain the bounds of logic to such a point has to have a lot of time one their hands and the only ones I can think of who have that much time on their hands are either inmates or professional protesters.

I choose the former.

Great use of your 6 functioning brain cells, Robert. Keep it up and, when you get out, there may be a position waiting for you with the Minnesota Democrat party

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