Thursday, October 13, 2005

Moron Mail

Enough about the Perverted Purple People Eaters (takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?), I’ve identified the existence of another moron.

Living in Long Prairie, Minnesota is George Mayerchak. George has the distinction of being a moron of the highest order. He achieved this by drawing a comparison between the Unties States and Pakistan in term of how....

I’ll let you read it for yourself here or below in its entirety:

Nukes and houses

Your Oct. 11 editorial was indeed on the mark to identify poorly constructed buildings in Pakistan as a major cause of the high loss of life. But a larger factor is the inordinate amount of the nation's resources that go into building a nuclear weapons program, both on the Pakistan and the India sides of their disputed Kashmir border.

It would be logical to assume that if they didn't spend so much money for military and weapons, there'd be more for better housing for the poor.

[STUPID STATEMENT ALERT]Sounds a bit like a major world power we all know that does the same thing.


I, for one, am impressed that George reached such a high level of stupidity without bursting a blood vessel in his obviously inferior brain. His conclusion, that poverty is created by spending money on nuclear weapons programs, is priceless.

If this is the case, I’d like George to explain the existence of poverty prior to the August 1945 debut of Mr. Happy Mushroom Cloud. Of course, George can’t do that because his logic has more flaws than a Wal-Mart-bought diamond.

But why should George consider Pakistan’s lack of true democracy or free market economy as a reason they live in mud homes and lack even the most basic modern conveniences? He hates both and can’t bring his Socialist-centric mind to admit that freedom is the real answer to the problems facing Third World countries.

No, for George and people of his ilk the answer to any problem is killing the military and the redistribution of wealth.

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