Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Moron Mail

With all the attention we've been giving to Vikingboatorgygate, I fear that KAR may be in danger of alienating its base. KAR's "base" is defined as people who are tired of being characterized as rubes by lefty dimwits, and who wish to see those lefty dimwits ridiculed mercilessly on a daily basis. So it's time to find a moron to beat on.

Oh, here's one:

On slovenly thinking

David Brooks cites powerful examples to show that Harriet Miers is guilty of slovenly writing and therefore slovenly thinking, and is thereby unfit for the Supreme Court (Opinion Exchange, Oct. 16). It is a contention that warms this English teacher's heart.

By the same forceful logic, anyone who might say something like, "There's no cave deep enough for America, or dark enough to hide" -- or, "But Iraq has, have got people there that are willing to kill, and they're hard-nosed killers. And we will work with the Iraqis to secure their future" -- demonstrates a similar vapidity that should disqualify him from office.

Unfortunately, the author of those remarks is the president conservatives admire, the same conservatives who treasure ideas and their clear articulation. Either there is a failure of intellect in both cases, or in neither.


That's the kind of letter that warms this angry blogger's heart.

Here's an example some slovenly thinking and vapidity for ya', Ru$$: How about a guy who thinks that there is absolutely no difference between the type of intelligence needed to be an effective extemporaneous speaker, and the type needed to be an effective writer?

Don't you think 'twould be just a wee bit more difficult to address questions from reporters who hate you off the cuff than it would be to write an article that can be drafted, corrected, refined and redrafted before another set of eyes even sees it?

If I had school-aged kids, I would find out where this guy teaches English. If they attended that school, I'd be inclined to pull them out of it.

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