Wednesday, October 12, 2005

OPG Weighs in on Vikingboatorgygate

Frequent KAR contributor Obnoxious Packer Guy writes in with his thoughts on the Freakie-Deekie Viking Sex Party:


I'll be brief:

On behalf of Packer fans everywhere, I would like to thank Fred Smoot, the Other Guy Who Rented a Boat (I'm thinking Napolean Harris), and indeed the roughly one-half of the Vikings roster who were a part of Thursday night's festivities. In one 90 minute span of drunken horniness, your actions made everyone forget about Mossy Cade's felonious behavior, Mark Chmura's penchant for young girls, and Najeh Davenport's pooping adventures.

From the bottom of our collective hearts, we thank you.


Stay with KAR as we cover this "growing" story from every imaginable "position." No matter how "hard" this task might be, we pledge to bring you every late breaking development as soon as we can "firm up" the facts.

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