Monday, October 24, 2005

The Police Can Teach Us a Lot About How the Left Wing Fraud Machine Lays it on Thick

Many miles away
Something crawls from the slime...
-The Police

At a US House of Representatives committee hearing on Milwaukee's vote fraud scandal:

Backers [of a picture ID requirement], including a member of a national election reform commission that recommended such a provision, said it would help restore confidence in the election system, assist poll workers and help guard against some forms of voter fraud. Critics said it would unfairly hit the poor and minorities, with U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) declaring flatly it would "have the effect of disenfranchising over a quarter of a million eligible voters in our state."

"A quarter of a million eligible voters"?????




If a quarter of a million eligible voters (out of probably 3.5 million) don't have a picture ID, then there are a quarter of a million Wisconsinites who cannot:

* Rent a video

* Cash a check

* BUY BEER (we're talking about Wisconsin here, remember).

Side note: Noticeably absent in this article containing Gwen Moore's righteous indignation that 'twould be a tragedy - a TRAGEDY I TELLS YA' -if EVEN ONE eligible voter were somehow not able to vote is an interesting little factoid.

Gwen Moore's son was indicted on charges that he, with other Democrat "operatives" slashed the tires of vehicles being used for a Republican get-out-the-vote drive.

Yeah, they're concerned about "disenfranchisement." My ass.

In the same article, another helpful Democrat illustrates the somewhat nebulous ethics of the Party when it comes to the integrity of elections:

During the hearing, Green and state Rep. Pedro Colon (D-Milwaukee) tangled on the fraud issue, after Colon said repeatedly "they have not been able to find any fraud" in the election, even at one point attributing the assertion to U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic.

A joint investigation led by Biskupic and Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann said this summer they had found clear evidence of fraud, including 200 felons who illegally voted in the city and another 100-plus people they believe voted under false names, bad addresses or twice.

Heh. Gotcha. Here's the money line:

"If you don't have evidence, you don't have fraud," said Colon.

Got that? It's only wrong if you get caught.

Meanwhile you've got all these lefties masturbating over indicments of Tom Delay that they don't even understand.


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