Friday, October 14, 2005

Redistribution of Votes

U.S. Rep Melvin Watt, a Democrat from North Carolina and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), does not believe in allowing (white) people to decide for whom they will vote.

Melvin Watt is a race-bating, vacuum-brained idiot who, I surmise, believes the total of elected officials should reflect the racial make up of this fine country and he’s willing to shred the Constitution to get what he wants.

How does a guy who believes "Race has to be taken into account to factor out the people on the other side" who would refuse to vote for a minority candidate because of their race get elected to Congress and, worst yet, is selected to chair the CBC?

How can anyone with such backwards thinking achieve any level of power, unless those who elevate him are in agreement?

Melvin Watt is a disgusting individual because he paints the entire white race as being anti-black. And he does so by taking a 20 year old survey done in North Carolina and making the most stupid of assumptions – the 30% who wouldn’t vote for a black candidate then has grown to become a “substantial majority” today.

I’d like to ask Melvin (low)Watt(bulb) just how he would take race into account “to factor out the people on the other side.”

What will he do to disenfranchise whites who vote for other whites? Will he take the total number of votes cast by blacks and allow only that number of white votes to be counted? How we he determine voter race and, more importantly, how will he decide which white votes count and which don’t?

What will he do with the white votes that don’t count? Will he assign them to minority candidates to give them a better chance of winning?

How will Melvin (low)Watt(bulb) implement his blatantly un-American plan?

When will Melvin (low)Watt(bulb) be exposed as the dirty, filthy, rotten, racist pig he is and be called to the floor of the U.S House and soundly admonished for his horribly misguided ideas.

Then he should have his ass kicked out of Congress.

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