Monday, October 03, 2005

See. I Told You They Were Dumb Animals

Bleating from Scandinavian Inanity:

Just as in the weeks before the primary, we saw Randy Kelly touting the “low turnout of exclusively party activists” line as the before-the-fact explanation of his lousy performance, we’re now seeing the new meme emerging that will explain why he’s going to lose, while at the same time setting the stage for a comeback. Touted by the Mayor at his recent non-news conference, Learned Foot appears to be the first in line to enter the echo chamber.

Heh. Love the "echo chamber" bit. She bleated that one out at my initial "Sheep" post. Thing is: this was the only blog of note that took the "Sheep" angle. Some echo chamber. I supposed its easier to advance some tired trope that was overused years ago than to actually, I dunno, think or something.

One other note: I am not spinning anything for Kelly. The only reason I would (now) like to see him win, is that it would make some very wretched people extremely angry. I would enjoy that. I don't live in St. Paul. I don't have any stake in St. Paul's governace. I don't even know Kelly's substantive record. (Although, if I had to make a choice between living in St. Paul or that other city run by a "real" DFLer, I think I'd go with St. Paul, since the odds of getting shot there are far smaller.) And for the record, I though Kelly's news conference was an embarrassment that reeked of desperation.

Anyway, like I said Sheep are dumb animals. One of the hallmarks of "dumbness" is a complete lack of reading comprehension skills. In this post I lambasted some bleating sheep who wrote that Kelly should be ousted because he was not a good widdle DFLer. Only one of the three letters I commented on carried any insinuation (look it up in the dictionary, MNob) that one ought to vote against Kelly because he is a "bad mayor".

Basing your vote on a candidate not towing the party line = sheep like behavior. That's what the letters indicated. That's what I was calling out. I doubt there'd be many non-party-activists with a functioning brain - Republican or Democrat - that would disagree with that. But yet, that's at the base of MNob's irrational hatred of Kelly (go back into the archives of that blog and the 30 others for which she writes, and see for yourself).

But if you have to have it explained to you, you are way too dumb to be reading this blog. So please go away.

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