Friday, October 07, 2005

A spy in our midst

I’m finding it very interesting how people are reacting to the “Spy in Cheney’s Office” story.

Here is a prime example of the all-too-predictable idiotic rhetoric coming from the W haters:

We only 'out' our spies
Too bad Leandro Aragoncillo, the accused Philippine spy in Vice President Dick Cheney's office, wasn't on our side. If he had been, Cheney's chief of staff probably would have eventually "outed" him, just as he did with Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife.
Bob Belbeck, Delano.

Bob, how did you get so damn funny?

Let me remind you, Bob, or maybe inform you for the first time, Bob, that Leandro Aragoncillo was hired to work in Vice President Al Gore’s office. If you remember your history, you’ll recall Al Gore was VP prior to Dick Cheney.

Furthermore, Leandro Aragoncillo was first recruited as a spy while working for Vice President Al Gore.

Simply put, and simply seems to be the only way you can understand these things, Leandro Aragoncillo was a holdover from the Clinton administration and was already stealing secrets when W and Cheney took office.

My third point, and giving you three is stretching your limited capacity for rational thought, our little friend from the Philippines hasn’t worked for the VP since 2001. He left long before Joe Wilson was outed as a partisan hack who falsified his own findings from his sojourn in Niger.

Given all of this, here’s what I’d like you to do, Bob: Shove your anti-Bush/Cheney rhetoric down your pencil-necked throat and gag on it!

The next time you want to take a swipe at the administration, try coming up with something that makes sense instead of forcing connections the way Bret Favre forces passes into double and triple coverage.


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