Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This letter (the second one) had promise and then…

Read the second letter first.

The premise works for me: If one is offended by something then that thing is by definition offensive.

Where dear Robin runs into trouble is the second part of her argument: If enough offended people ban together to eradicate that thing than so be it.

Far too often, unfortunately, the number of offended persons is irrelevant. Many times a single complaint will send the most rational among us running for cover.

Even when the complaint is of such a ridiculous nature as the one in the above link: saying that a dance themed “Black and White” is offensive, people are quick to back down for fear of what the offended individual might do.

Here’s the upshot, Robin: Idiots like the one who was offended by the theme of the dance don’t deserve to be heard. Their reason for being offended is that they are complete and total morons. We, as a society, should not have to change because a few of the most hypersensitive among us wake up daily looking for ways to be offended.

Look around, Robin; it is a small, leftist minority that is pushing speech codes on college campuses.

The only thing worse that tyranny of the majority is tyranny of the minority, especially when the minority is made up of social morons like the one who finds a “Black and White” dance offensive.

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