Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Windy Cindy

Windy Cindy is at it again and has nothing new to say.

Why does this woman continue to get the attention she does? I know, I’m only adding to it by posting about her, but I know there are no folks friendly to her cause that read this wonderful blog.

And now she’s talking about tying herself to the White House fence until she’s arrested. She then vows to return – after being released – and tie herself to the fence again. She plans to continue this cycle until the troops are sent home.

Here’s an idea for the Secret Service and White House police force: Leave her tied to the fence. Let her carryout her protest without interference.

I think it would be a real treat to watch her face become more and more shriveled as the days and weeks wear on. Kinda like the Halloween pumpkin that’s left out on the front step to be overcome by nature.

Can you imagine how hideous this face will look after two, three, or four weeks in the wind and rain?

I can’t imagine it getting more hideous, but any thing is possible.

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