Tuesday, November 01, 2005

If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Reading the Jenitel

The editorial staff of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel apologized for being "duped" into "reporting" the "phony" "information" about Iraq's "WMD" program:

Now, of course, we discover much evidence that the intelligence fed the public, including us, was "cooked" or "fixed" [Have you got conclusive proof of that? Of course you don't - it's just a regurgitated moonbat fringe talking point. That means the JS continues to be guilty of the same lack of skepticism that it is apologizing for here. Heh. -ed.] - choose your favorite description - around what the administration viewed as its most salable argument. Americans were not likely to favor invasion because of the dominoes-of-democracy theory nor because Hussein was a monster. Vietnam is a word that still resonates, and what made this particular monster any more worth toppling than the world's many other monsters?

Oh but wait. As with all far-left mea culpas, this purpose of this editorial isn't really really a statement of contrition. It's an assertion of their intellectual superiority. Y'see, the Jenitel had it right all along (emphasis mine):

But, yes, regrettably on the matter of WMD, count us as among the many who were duped. We should have been more skeptical. For that lack of skepticism and the failure to include the proper caveats to the WMD claim, we apologize, though I would note that, ultimately, we didn't believe that the president's central WMD argument warranted war. Not then and especially not now.

Why of course you smartie smart smart smarts: continuing the noble and effective sanctions in conjunction with the totally non-corrupt Oil for Food program would certainly have solved the Iraq problem.

Sometime in the 7th millennium.

Two more observations:

1) The picture of O. Ricardo Pimentel's picture included in that article looks as though his face caught fire and that fire was beaten out with a bag of nickels.

2) To my knowledge the Jenitel has yet to apologize for unskeptically reporting as fact Wisconsin's phony, cooked and fixed 2004 election returns.

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