Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Not-Really-Well-Thought-Out Quote o' the Day

Saint Paul councilthing Dave "Stalin" Thune on why expanding the city's smoking ban to include bars won't cause widespread bar closings:

"If New York City can do it, St. Paul can figure it out, it really can," said Thune...

...Because unlike New York, St. Paul has an enormous and vibrant tourism industry to cover the loss of local business.

And here you get a bonus Blantantly Communist Remark o' the Day:

adding that he'll try to come up with promotional funds to help out neighborhood "watering holes."

Gee that's a grat idea! It kind of like saying "I'm going to rip off your arm. But that's OK, because I'll buy you a prosthesis to replace it, and make the taxpayers pay for it."

[Guinness guys] BRILLIANT! [/Guinness guys]

How do morons like this get elected?

Don't answer that. I already know.

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