Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thirteen (Months) Going on Thirty (Years)

They grow up so fast!

Last month The Boy (nee LittleFoot#2) turned one. His development has accelerated since. For starters, he now has a 5 word vocabulary. Oddly enough, his first two words were "Dada" and "bottle" ("ba"). I wonder how that happened...

Not only is he making a run at being the next Cicero, but he can walk by himself for about 6 feet. And he's got a live arm - meaning that when he throws one of his 79 balls at my forehead from point blank range, it often hurts. But Saturday, I received the first true indication that my Little Guy is truly growing up.

He got his first credit card offer in the mail.

Platinum Level!


Two of them, actually, but they were both from the same card issuer, which I will not name (I'll just say that it might be what's in your wallet, and leave it at that). Tonight, I'm going to help The Boy fill out the forms (with crayon) and send 'em in. Just to be darn sure that the credit card company is aware of what it's getting itself into, I'll fill in his birth date for him so that it's legible. October 26, 2004.

Then, 6 to 8 weeks later when that Platinum Card arrives, we're off to Best Buy so he can buy himself a *phat* home entertainment system. There's nothing like watching Baby Einstein on a giant plasma screen in surround sound.

Maybe The Boy can pick up an employment aplication while we're there. I hear Best Buy hires aditional help for the holiday shopping season.

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