Tuesday, December 27, 2005

BOMBSHELL!!! KAR to Have no Impact on 2006 Elections!

Who'da thunk it?

Once again, a major local newspaper writes yet another article about local blogs without even mentioning KAR.

Oh no - don't weep for us. We KARnies have come to embrace our outsider status. While universally ignored by the MSM, National Radio Hosts and large Instabloggers, we've still managed to pile up decent statistics. We come from a pure place.

It's because we're all about the love. We inhabit the Planet Lovetron.

That's why it's so fun to be haters. Let the hating begin:

Blogs - the sometimes insightful, sometimes profane, online interactive diaries rapidly proliferating on the Internet - have infiltrated politics as you know it.

Profane? Pffft. Never! Check out this shit:

In Minnesota - where a vibrant political blogging community has emerged - bloggers are hoping to play a big role in the 2006 campaign, a potentially pivotal year in state politics. Several bloggers already have launched sites focused on the U.S. Senate race.

Yes: vibrant! A vibrant community consisting of about 4 or 5 blogs; or so the article makes it seem.

Erm. Let's just skip to the fun part:

Experts say readers typically look at blogs more in line with their own political ideologies, and that reduces their impact.

"There are some right-wing blogs that even if you tried to have a conversation with them, it's essentially a bunch of frat guys having a party and doing a beer dance,'' said Michael McIntee, producer for the Inside Minnesota Politics blog and podcast. "And that's not useful; it's pretty much making noise."

We're a bunch of "frat guys" having a "beer dance". Would that we could. My goal for 2006 is to make KAR the first blog where you can get beer. Whoa would that be a traffic booster.

Anyway, blah blah blah echo chamber blah blah blah no "conversation" blah blah not useful blah blah blah blah blah. So sue us.

Wait a minute. Is this the Mike McIntee who...


Related side note: have you noticed that McIntee's whole "I'm suing MDE for copyright infringement" seems to have gone away? Just an observation.

Another observation: notice how this article insinuates that Douchie McDouchebag is an expert (i.e. "Experts say readers...")? An expert on what exactly? Blogs? Politics?

Actually, the only thing I can think of that McIntee may qualify as an expert of is "being an asshole".

Anyway, McIntee seems to think that blogs like (I'm assuming) ours are "not useful". He's probably right. I mean, how much impact is a blog that gets 250 hits per weekday going to have on an election that will see hundreds of thousands of voters? Especially when what we do is basically preaching to the choir.

On the other hand, I'm sure that a fine, seriously sober blog like McIntee's Inside Minnesota Politics has the necessary gravitas to not only lend it's content a good deal of cred, but is also an indispensable part of any political junkie's daily reads. That certainly might have an impact on the upcoming elections.

Then again, maybe not.

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