Thursday, December 01, 2005

Enough is Not Enough, Winston

When JB Doubtless gets into one of his weekly "I'm more conservative than you because I listen to crappy music" slappy fights with Mitch or, er, me, he likes to post comments under other names enthusiastically supporting his position. For an oblique example (because I don't have time to root through the archives of several blogs) see this comment thread. it's a simple strategy: persuade others by creating the illusion that you are in the majority. If a majority doesn't exist, create a fake one.

This is along those same lines:

A drop in the bucket

Many thanks to Minnesota PTA President Sharon Erickson Ropes for telling the truth about school funding (Star Tribune, Nov. 30). She clearly stated how little this $800 million really amounts to. It's filling a few of the holes left by years of slashed budgets; it's not moving schools into the future.

My children's elementary school lost its technology instructor and reduced other important positions because of budget cuts. There was no fat in the budget in the first place; bone and muscle are being cut, and the children are the ones who lose.

Is this really the way we want to educate children who will be leading the world in the coming decades? We will have only ourselves to blame if we allow this to continue.


Ah yes, just a the opinion (or maybe it's fact, since she uses the word "truth" in the very first graf! If she says so...) of your typical private citizen parent of a school age child. "Oh thank God for proclaiming the TRUTH of the plight of ME and my PEERS!!!"

What Debbie here doesn't tell you is that, like this Sharon Ropes person, Debby is also a member of the PTA. But she won't tell you that, since she needs you to swallow her bullshit without the gigantic grain of salt you would otherwise put on it. It's a great propaganda tactic, really. Have the institution put out it's message in a powerful forum, and then have an affiliate disguised as the average schmuck on the street legitimize it a day later in the same forum.

Other than that, the rest of this letter is not surprising: a Public School Kool Aid drinker telling us that the ginormous tax hits that we will be taking next year are still not enough.

God forbid they lay off the Technology instructor! Before you know it they won't even be able to fund diversity classes! Or would they axe the math program before that?

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