Thursday, December 01, 2005

Evil KAR Plot o' the Week

MDE notes that the moonbat sector of school children may again be taking to the streets in protest (emphasis mine):

On December 9th, the people of the Twin Cities needs to clearly show that Bush is not welcome in our town!

* End the war in Iraq!

* Money for jobs and education, not war!

* Military recruiters out of our schools!

* NO to racism and attacks on civil liberties!

WALKOUT OF CLASS???*** At the November 29th metro-wide meeting of Youth Against War and Racism, we agreed to endorse this protest and urge students to walk out of class to attend this Friday protest against Bush. Unlike the November 2nd, YAWR does not have time and capacity to fully mobilize for a mass walkout or to organize the defense of students who might face repression and punishment for walking out of school. However, YAWR supports and encourages every student who feels it is important to voice their opposition to Bush to be able to do so. See you there!

This gives me a fabulous idea that I am immediately passing along to My Master Karl Rove.

The Bush administration should have a daily parade of it's most loathed members giving speeches in the Twin Cities. You know, Dick Cheney on Monday, Condi Rice Tuesday, Rummie Wednesday and Thursday, Bush on Friday. To give the speakers a rest every now and again, there can be special guests from the past like John Ashcroft and the CEO of Halliburton.

Then, these YAWR morons would never get a day in school, since they'd have to be protesting every day of the week. The result would be an ineffective and uneducated underclass that can be easily pushed to the fringes of society, leaving more wealth for the rest of us to divvy up.

OK, pushed further to the fringe of society. Whatever. You know what I mean.


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