Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Forgive my absence

I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Howard Dean is a raging idiot
John Kerry is a freaking moron
Nancy Pelosi is a lunatic

I found this in the Washington Post today. Apparently the Democrats are concerned that their brain-dead leadership is ruining a great opportunity by telling US voters what they really think.

Here are but a few of the most important points from the article, along with my reply:

The Democrats plan to regain control of the House by highlighting the growing number of GOP scandals and score Bush's unpopular war management. [Not much of a strategy for a party that has nothing but criticism to offer the nation. Here’s a thought; how about coming up with an actual idea. “We’re better than them” doesn’t cut it anymore. Nor does “we like the status quo.”]

The aim is to provide the party enough maneuvering room to allow Democrats to adjust their position as conditions in Iraq change -- and fix public attention mostly on Bush's policies rather the details of a Democratic alternative. [You candy-assed weasels. You spend all your waking hours ripping down the W and his policies, but you wan to make sure there’s enough room for you at the celebration when we kick the terrorists’ asses. F-you. Get a damned spine, stake out a position and live with the consequences – good or bad.]

[House minority leader Nancy] Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said that while Pelosi estimates more than half of House Democrats favor a speedy withdrawal, she will lobby members in today's meeting against adopting this as a caucus position. [See above. Nancy Pelosi is a two-faced (both ugly) shrew. She must think the average American is as dumb as Barbara Boxer. Openly advocating a cut-and-run policy she says is supported by most of the Democrat caucus, but not having the tits to recommend adopting it as official caucus policy illustrates perfectly what a dung-filled, San Fransisco douche bag this bitch is.]

DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney said Dean's comments [that the war cannot be won] were taken out of context. Dean, she said, meant the war was unwinnable unless the Bush administration adopts a new strategy. [That is not what he said, Karen. In case you haven’t looked around lately, Bill Clinton is no longer in office and we expect people to say what they mean, not send up their PR lackey to tell us that what we heard is not what was meant. Howard said we cannot win the war and any one who thinks we can is wrong. Your brain, by the way, is in the lost and found.]

Still, a number of Democrats distanced themselves from Dean. "I think Howard Dean . . . represents himself when he speaks," [Democrat Representative Ellen] Tauscher said. "He does not represent me." [Ellen’s brain is next to Karen's. He’s the goddamned leader of the goddamned Democrat party, you goddamned idiot. He speaks for you and all goddamned Democrats. That’s his goddamned job and nothing you can goddamned say will goddamned change that!!]

Have a more insufferable lot of losers ever been found?

I think not.

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