Tuesday, December 20, 2005

He Forgot One

Hey look: more B-material C-material D-material!

In the course of pounding the crap out of James Pinkerton's insipid commentary about how King Kong is racist, Ryan Rhodes puts to rest the myth of proving stuff with a Google search:

[Pinkerton:] Indeed, a Google search using the words "King Kong racism" yielded 490,000 hits.

[Ryan:] Oooh, a Google search contest! Let me try!

346,000 hits for "My+butt+stinks."

166,000 hits for "packers+suck+ass."

1,260,000 hits for "white+men+can't+jump+racism" Yes, really. Surprised me, too.

In other words, Google search results don't prove DICK.

On the other hand, if you do a Google search for "ryan's + ass" you get 3,800,000 hits.

Which seems about right.

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