Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Idiocy of the highest order

Read the following moose bile from today’s SPPP:

With regard to the letter concerning the execution of Tookie Williams, I think there is a simpler, more basic question we need to ask ourselves, as a society: Do we believe that a person can quantifiably and qualitatively change? Do we really believe this?

We say we do, but then we execute people who have had 20 years to read, study, think and grow as human beings. I believe that our execution of Williams was a crime more ugly and more horrific than his own crimes. [What the F&#$!] At a time when his soul and life were lost to him he found his way back from the darkness — then we killed him.

St. Paul

This moron must be related to the freak who my esteemed colleague fisked yesterday. You’ll recall STEVE SELFLOATHINGNUTJOBWHONEEDSTOGETALIFE OF HOPKINS claims that he is a racist simply because he’s been exposed to racism.

I believe he is in need of medication, but that’s another story.

As for terribly, horribly, woefully misguided John Hathaway of St. Paul, he also needs to be medicated or, preferably, incarcerated for the rest of his natural life in a home for the obviously insane.

It doesn’t take a trained professional to see that John Hathaway of St. Paul is a deluded SOB for believing “our execution of Williams was a crime more ugly and more horrific than his own crimes.”

Excuse me, John, you ragging lunatic. Would you like to rethink that statement and give it another try, or are you willing to stand by it and spew your dog vomit in the faces of the family members who lost their loved ones at the hand of an animal named Tookie Williams.

I’ve seen the absurdity of moral relativism before, but this is the most disturbing case I’ve come across.

Anyone who thinks like this cannot be mentally balanced. I’m not saying one cannot be against the death penalty – I for one have not come down on one side or the other – but to make such an absurd statement is the sign of someone who is not grounded in reality.

Keep on mind, Dear John; your poster boy for rehabilitation never took responsibility for his crimes, never showed remorse, and never made so much as a statement that would lead one to believe he was truly sorry for the life he chose.

He was an animal – a subhuman killer who didn’t care who he extinguished. He got what he deserved and good riddance to the bastard.

I hope you never have to face what the families of his victims have been dealing with, but my bet is you would change your tune if you did.

Until then, good luck and keep your worthless bull shit to yourself.

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