Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm Afraid I'll Have to Give Up My Seat at the "Hitter" Table

As one of the brightest stars in the MOB blogging pantheon, I was invited to sit at the prestigious "hitter" table at the upcoming MOB gala. Unfortunately, some disturbing facts have come to light apropos (correct usage, Mitch?) the nature of some of the others who will be at that table (emphasis mine):

Apparently Mark Yost, ultra-conservative editorialist, is going to explain over the next few weeks why education funding should be cut. If only once Yost and columnist Craig Westover would at least be honest in their attacks on public education, I could respect the position they took with honest disagreement.

The truth is, they hate the teachers unions because radical conservatives hate all unions. The teachers unions are overwhelmingly liberal because they are made up of intelligent and educated people who are overwhelmingly liberal (college students and professors, for example).

Yost makes fraudulent arguments comparing apples and oranges based on incomplete and meaningless statistics (comparing amounts spent per student at the end of World War II and today, for example, without considering the vast societal changes that have taken place in those 60 years).


As many of you know, Mark Yost and Craig Westover (a hobby columnist), are frequent denizens of the Hitter table. Now, I'm sorry if I come off too superior here, but I cannot and will not share a table with two ultra-conservative, dishonest, hate-filled, radical, uneducated, dumb and fraudulent school-budget cutting reprobates. I would much rather converse and pour libations with more moderate, even-tempered, reasonable, non-bomb-throwing folk like Mr. Olson.

Sisyphus can have my seat.

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