Friday, December 16, 2005

Moron Mail

If you look up "Logic Impaired, Ineptly Conceived, Totally Stupid, and, Not to Mention, Inapt Analogy" in the dictionary, you will find this letter:

The bad old days

If the United States operated as progressively as Hennepin County has with regard to its relaxation of the smoking ban, we'd be counting the days to the reinstitution of Prohibition, the rekindling of women's fight for suffrage and the reinstatement of Jim Crow laws. Nice work, commissioners.


Allow me to laugh at the use of "progressive" here - a term that has been so stripped of it's meaning, as demonstrated clearly by the letter above - that it has come to mean "whatever far left-wing dingbat idea is trendy".


Now let's do some compare and contrast:

* Actually, the institution of prohibition was considered "progressive" at the time.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

* The abrogation of Jim Crow laws ended racial segregation thereby fulfilling the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law for all citizens, resulting in an expansion of legal and human rights for those theretofore oppressed.

The smoking ban fulfils no constitutional guarantee. Instead, it constricts a specific property right (use of one's property to allow for otherwise legal behaviors within its bounds).

* The 19th amendment again expanded a right to include all citizens in good standing.

And again, the smoking ban constricts a property right. Conversely, please show me where in the Constitution it says "The right to return home from a tavern in an unstinky state shall not be abridged."

* The repeal of prohibition, the striking of Jim Crow laws and women's suffrage were not "progressive" in the modern usage of that term, but were all the morally correct, politically sound and prudent things to do.

Smoking bans are "progressive".

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