Friday, December 30, 2005

Moron Mail

The Strib has employed a new tactic to subdue Moron Mail. Namely, they haven't posted today's drooling missives (the letters in today's edition can only be described as a "target-rich environment") online yet.

But I shall not be silenced!

I shall overcome!

I shall type it out myself!

I shall duct tape my head!

Free ad for the right

If the new talk radio station FM 103.3 needs an advertisement, why not let it pay for one instead of the Star Tribune giving it one on the front page of the newspaper?

I kept looking for that supposed "liberal bias" as I read the article... but it was all slanted to the right.

And here I will pause so that y'all can compose yourselves from the uncontrollable belly laughs caused by this moron's inability to distinguish between right wing slant, and merely a news story concerned with right-wing subjects.


Everybody ready? OK.

How about Air America Radio (AM950) [FREE ADVERTISEMENT! -ed.] Or the wonderful [heh. -ed.] FM107 (WFMP) [FREE ADVERTISEMENT! -ed.], a talk radio station popular [heh. -ed.] with women?

Please be fair and balanced - and only in the truest sense of those words!

THERESA FARTKNOCKER, Minneapolis Bundledinacocoonavoidinganyinfluencefromoutsidehertinyworldviewville.

Here is Theresa's definition of "fair and balanced in the truest sense":

Puff pieces about lefty radio stations aren't free advertising.

NOTE: Since both papers clear older stories out of their archives, and the debut of Air "America" is an "old story", you'll forgive the rather odd places linked to above, which carried some or part of those Air "America" debut articles. And yes, I know that the first link is to a story that first appeared in the PiPress. I included it to make up for a Strib story that I found in a Westnews database (a service like Nexis) but could not find reproduced anywhere on line.

So piss off.

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